Resolutions for 2011- Eating healthfully

                                                                                 Common New Year’s resolutions usually include the desire of starting a new diet, joining a gym to exercise more, getting fit, eating and drinking more healthfully, and as a consequence of all the effort, we want to shed weight and  enter the plan Me minus 10 pounds. So what are your  plans? You need a plan. What about being more aware of what you eat: bread for example. A good idea would be to keep your refined sugar and starch intake as low as possible. You can put more whole grains into your diet. One more, we could be avoiding snacking. Eating fruit between meals would be much better. Getting more vegetable servings  and including quinoa the super food  everybody is talking about. I know it’s hard and I am including myself in this. But these things are not for New Year’s Day. It’s for Jan 10th. Ok? I’ll give it a try. kisses. Renata.

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