Happy Holidays!


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially that time of year. The holidays are upon us!

I want to wish you and yours a very happy, safe and healthy festive season.

This is the time to recognize and appreciate all we have and all we’ve achieved.

And remember, this is also the time of year to:

· Forgive old resentments

· Say “I love you” too much

· Eat until it hurts

· Forget about work

· Laugh over nothing

· Take too many pictures

· Appreciate old memories

· Enjoy the smells from the kitchen

· Treasure every moment with family and friends

May you cherish all the season has to offer! And should your plans take you away from home, I wish you safe, comfortable travels.

Merry Christmas!!!

All the best, kisses

Teacher Renata

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One Response to Happy Holidays!

  1. Pat says:

    Teacher Renata
    This post reminded me our classes.
    I miss them very much. Nice cups of fresh coffee, orange juice and that delicious cookies your mom makes (lua-de-mel) yumm!!!
    I wish a Merry Christmas and an excellent New Year!
    See you in 2011.

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