Thanksgiving Day

The Englishmen (pilgrims), who sailed to US  aboard the Mayflower to escape religious persecution in England and settled in the “New World”, had to deal with a lot of difficulties. These early pioneers had neither farming nor fishing or hunting skills. Their first winter was brutal and devastating. Luckily, thanks in large part to the friendship and guidance of an Abnaki Indian named Squanto; the pilgrims were taught how to survive off the land, plowing, planting, and developing fishing and hunting skills, by the Wampanoag, a friendly tribe. The first good harvest was celebrated with a big feast. They invited their Indian friends to sit down together, say thanks and celebrate their bountiful harvest. It also featured games, races, bow and arrow competitions and it lasted three days in Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts in December of 1621. Since then, every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, many people on this four-day long weekend gather around a table and enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family to say thanks for all good things they have. Two interesting events also happen on Thanksgiving holiday. One is the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which traditionally takes place in New York City. Millions of people line on the streets or tune into TV to watch the giants balloons, one-of-a-kind floats, the country’s best marching bands, hundreds of clowns and celebrities. The other event is called Black Friday. It is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day which marks the opening of the Christmas shopping season. Today it is associated with special sales and deeply discounted items.                                                                                                                                                                                 But on Thanksgiving Day, I would like to thank you all. I hope that you are blessed on this special occasion with peace, love and happiness and that you have wonderful moments and beautiful memories filled with joy and health to share… All these and many more are my wishes for you!!! Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Day

  1. Nádia says:

    Hey teacher! Loved your blog. Very entertaining and cozy. Loved the dogs… specially because you ve mentioned them before. I will pay you more visits.. Kisses.. Nádia

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